Ad Writing Secrets That Guarantee You Success!

Copywriters often disagree about whether a short work with a large amount of free space would be better or whether a long and detailed work is the best approach. A long and short discussion period is something that buyers should consider so what type are you targeting in advertising?

There Are Two Basic Types of Buyers.

  1. Impulsive Buyers

This is the kind of person who has “places to visit and people to see” and doesn’t have much time to do so. Normally, he would browse the headlines and subtopics, look at photos and text, and make up his mind.

  1. Analytical Buyers

This group of buyers believes that the evidence is in the details. They will read everything including lowercase letters. It stands to reason that a successful version will meet the needs of both buyers, regardless of the length. Let’s see what you need to do to reach both buyers. How to reach these two buyers.

Impulsive Buyers

  1. Use attention to get headlines and subtitles.
  2. Take advantage of graphics that enhance your message such as:

-Photo photo


-Fonts and font sizes are different shades

-Use bold titles

-Highlight shaded areas or bullets

Buyer Analytics

  1. Use titles, subtitles, and images of impulsive buyers as a guide. Add the detailed information that the analytical buyer needs under the correct heading, and you will have a winning marketing piece that is guaranteed success.

The knowledge of people in this case will tell about how your potential buyers will interact is the key to attracting their attention will generate additional income for you. The fact that the needs of impulsive buyers and analytical buyers overlap is your bonus, the copywriter!

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