How to Open YouTube While Opening Other Apps Android without App

YouTube streaming activities, indeed, are very fun. But that fun often fades, when YouTube streaming can’t be used simultaneously by opening another app. But calm down, now there is a way to open YouTube while opening other android apps without apps.

Usually, opening YouTube at the same time as other applications, still needs additional applications. But if you read carefully the description in this article, you don’t need additional applications. Just do a number of easy steps, you can also open YouTube at the same time with other applications.

Indeed, how to open YouTUbe while opening other android apps without apps, there are very few who know. But now, you can be one of those who also know it. The method is also very easy to do. You can read more in the description that will be provided in the following section.

How to Open YouTube While Opening Other Apps Android without App

Now if you are already curious, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself to listen carefully to the easy steps to do it. The following steps, it is indeed useful to watch YouTube simultaneously with other applications. Curious? Check the following steps, yes:

  1. Using the Settings Feature

The first way that can be done, namely being able to use the Settings feature. So, you don’t need to use additional apps to use YouTube and other apps at the same time. The steps are as follows:

  • First, please open the YouTube app first.
  • Then, please close YouTube without deleting it on recent apps.
  • After that, go into the Settings menu.
  • Please scroll to the bottom and you find the Apps option.
  • Look for the YouTube app.
  • Click the YouTube icon if it’s already found.
  • After that, swipe down and click Picture-in-Picture.
  • Then, you have to activate it by clicking the Allow Permisision toggle.
  • Please return to the main screen or just open the app you want to use at the same time as YouTube.
  • Then, click Recent Apps until the entire YouTube app appears on the back screen.
  • Click the YouTube icon.
  • Then, select the Open in Pop-Up View option.
  • YouTube application, will automatically be minimized.
  • You can also adjust the position until it fits the size of the pop-up screen while using other applications.

Please use this method, if you really want to use YouTube at the same time as other applications without spending any money.

  1. Premium Feature Subscription

Well, for those of you who may still have more budget, you can use this method. That said, this is the easiest way that can be done. You only need to subscribe to youTube’s premium features as provided in it. One of its features is that you can use YouTube at the same time as other applications.


Please choose one of the above two ways. Both of them, of course, are very effective to use. The first way is for those of you who are low-budget and the second way is specifically for those of you who have an excess budget. Hope it is useful.

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