How to Track Hp with Email on Google Maps

Nowadays, the existence of smartphones is very important to support all activities. So, what if your cellphone is lost? There must be those who feel worried, panicked, and others because you will experience quite a significant loss. Don’t worry, now there is a way to track a cellphone with email on google maps.

Now smartphones are not only used to establish communication via sms or telephone alone. The existence of smartphones has a more vital function for modern life. This is because smartphones are used as devices to store various important personal data.

In fact, now you can use your smartphone for shopping activities, photos, videos, and other activities. Seeing the importance of smartphones, it’s no wonder that people are confused when their phones are lost. Surely you will do everything possible to find the lost phone.

How to Track Lost HP with Email on Google Maps

For those of you who have naturally lost your smartphone, don’t panic. Now you can track it easily. However, finding a lost cellphone is fairly difficult, depending on the condition of the cellphone is still on or off.

Trackers for each phone are not the same depending on the security policies of each HP product. On this occasion, we will explain about several ways to track a cellphone with email on google maps.

  1. Tracking HP in a dead state

Steps you need to do to track a lost cellphone in a dead state :

  1. Please log in to Google Maps and select line 3 in the upper left corner
  2. Next click add account
  3. Please enter the active email address on the lost phone
  4. Entering an email password
  5. Click agree
  6. Next, please select the small triangle option at the top right
  7. Please click the timeline and click OK
  8. Later the Google Maps screen will show the location of the lost phone


  1. Track a lost phone with Google Maps

The steps you need to do to find the location of a lost phone with Google Maps. For more information, you can see the following discussion:

  1. The first step is to head towards the Google Maps settings menu. Then you can click for location
  2. Then you can choose the tracking time such as 1 hour or disabled so that it is easier to track it
  3. Then you can enter the email address and cellphone number that you lost
  4. After that, please click share and activate
  5. You can track the location of the lost cellphone for 24 hours.

That’s an explanation of how to track a cellphone with email on google maps. Make sure you take care of your phone more carefully so that it doesn’t happen until the cellphone is lost. If there is a loss of cellphone, you can track the location by relying on the email on google maps.

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