List of TikTok-Like Apps with Interesting Features

Currently, TikTok is one of the most popular applications and is loved by millennials. No wonder that currently there are applications similar to TikTok whose features are quite interesting. You can also use it to create creative and interesting video content.

Many people play TikTok, ranging from children, adults, to the elderly. This is what makes many competing applications TikTok appear. You can even get this application that is complicated with TikTok on the PlayStore.

A collection of TikTok-like apps

Looking at the TikTok competitors that have emerged, on this occasion, it will be explained about the list of applications similar to TikTok. For more information, you can see the following explanation:


The first app that became a competitor to TikTok was Dubsmash, due to the appearance of the interface that is very similar to TikTok. Interestingly, when using the Dubsmash application, you can have conversations or dialogues with other people in videos. In addition, you can also add music to make it more interesting.

Snack video

This TikTok-like app has been famous and viral since 2021. In addition to displaying a variety of interesting video content, you also have the opportunity to earn money from the application. For those of you who successfully invite friends to join Snack Video, you will get a prize of Rp. 52,600.

Apart from the money-making app, this Snack Video provides features like effects, filters, music, and stickers. Of course, you can use all of that to create interesting and unique videos.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video performs by providing an opportunity for users to create interesting videos. Well, to make this interesting video you can take advantage of various features such as adding text, music, effects, stickers, and filters.

You can also try other people’s duets during live streaming. If you have a lot of followers, you have the opportunity to earn money.


A highly recommended TikTok-like app is Triller. Why is that? This application will make it easier for you to make interesting videos because the developer has added an auto editing algorithm feature.

The existence of the auto editing feature makes it easier for you to make video. After making the video, you can immediately share the video on social media. It is proven that this application has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.


This VideoShot application is not as popular as TikTok, but this application is very good by offering a variety of interesting features. The advantage of using VideoShot over other applications is that it offers a smaller size so that it does not burden the internal storage space.

Interestingly, VideoShot prioritizes video quality, so you as a user will be more satisfied with the results. The video you make in VideoShot has a resolution above HD.

That’s the explanation of the list of applications similar to TikTok that you can try and feel the sensation of excitement. There are even applications that can make money by watching videos. You can download the application for free on the PlayStore.

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